Building and Healing Faith Communities

Dr. Goldberg offers a series of webinars on Challenges and Opportunities for Faith Leaders, as well as congregation level or individual consulting, training, mediation, and facilitation services.

Podcasts and Webinars

Try the free podcasts here as an introduction. To see the free podcasts, click on the links:

Overview: Building Healthy Faith Communities Podcast, part 1

Overview, Building Healthy Faith Communities Podcast, Part 2

Healing Wounded Faith Communities, Part 1

Healing Wounded Faith Communities, Part 2

If you want to learn more, each of the following units is offered as a webinar, or you could take either or both of the following series. The webinars stand alone, and together represent a powerful set of interrelated skills. Each webinar also comes with a manual.

The series are also designed as a way to network and learn from one another, as well as to learn new skills. There will be a password protected online webpage with a discussion board for those involved in the webinars. You will be able to visit as often as you want, and share your insights and stories, and get advice from other faith leaders. We will also schedule two conference calls for those who sigh up the full series, one during the ‘Building Healthy Faith Communities’ series, and one during the ‘Healing Wounded Faith Communities’ series, which will provide another level of connection and engagement with your peers and ourselves.

Building Healthy Faith Communities – Overview: This webcast provides a summary of all the components of the “Healthy Faith Communities” series, and what each webinar covers and what they can offer you. (Free Podcast, click at right) The individual sessions listed below are webinars (interactive sessions at scheduled times).

Group Values Clarification and Visioning: This unit helps you reconnect to your own values and choose how they shape and guide what you do. It also provides skills to use to create or reveal a collective vision to unify your community. From a unified vision will flow clear relationships and roles, and clear decisions in the future as each decision is connected to the vision, mission, goals of your organization.

Understanding People Who Challenge You: Here you will learn to understand differences in conflict styles and how those differences can be brought together well, as well as to understand your own history and how that can influence how you react to those around you.

Bringing the Vision to Life – Consensus and Negotiation: How can different styles, groups, people work together to create common ground solutions? This webinar covers basics of how to negotiate in a way that protects the relationships while honoring the needs of divergent people.

Building Community Together: This unit covers basic facilitation skills that will enable you to bring people together with a clear agenda, work productively together, make decisions that respect and enrich the whole, and take responsibility for enacting plans to reach your community’s goals.

Healing Wounded Faith Communities – Overview: Summary of all the skill components necessary to assess and address conflict in a way that strengthens and heals your community. (Free Podcast, click at right)

Conflict Assessment – What are the challenges here? This module teaches you how to understand what is going wrong. Some things may be clearly visible, but usually, many of the underlying dynamics are hidden. Learn how to ‘see’ the roots so you can respond to the real problems in the most healing way.

Building Strength and Healing – Understanding Each Other: In this webinar you will learn dialogue skills so your faith community can raise deep and important issues honestly with one another in a way that builds understanding and strengthens community. This is a key skill for understanding and loving human distinction to build real community.

Building Strength and Healing – Building Solutions Together: Learn basic conflict resolution tools for making decisions without attacking each other, for developing clear underlying principles to hold solutions to, for doing problem solving that works.

Sustaining Your Faith Community – Loving Difference: Once wounds have been productively engaged, it is time to learn to create a community that can have disagreements, look at them together, and work them through. A community that can have challenges, understand them, and engage them as a strong and resilient, unified whole. This webinar focuses on healing, forgiveness, and supporting diversity.

Consulting Services

Dr. Goldberg offers consulting for individual faith leaders or congregations on all of the topics covered in the webinars and webcasts described above.

If you or your congregation are facing deep divides, or need to make intense or painful change, it may be a good idea to get support from a consultant.

Many denominations, for instance, provide support for Strategic Planning processes, which any group or organization will need sometime during the course of the life cycle of the organization, to focus it and keep it on track. And, if the group or organization is encountering powerful opportunities or challenges, Strategic Planning can be transformative and healing to organizations.

To get a sense of how consulting services could support your organization, read this summary report from the Center for Congregations on “Strategic Planning in Congregations”. This excellent report also describes many of the key steps in a consulting process, as well as the typical fees involved.

To sign up for either of the larger series, any of the individual sessions, or to discuss consulting services, please contact us for more information or a free consultation.