One of the key elements of the book for me was that readers not just grasp the overall argument, but get to see ‘in action’, as it were, what it looks like to bring multiple intelligences into our processes. I wanted there to be space for us to share our practice stories with each other – often the richest source of learning we have.

Practitioners can use these to reflect on their own work, and students and teachers can use these cases as starting points for analysis or application. Four different practitioners offered their narratives to start to develop this kind of learning: Judge Carolyn Miller Parr; Paula Langguth Ryan, President of Compassionate Mediators, and tri-chair of the ACR Spirituality Section; Illana Meallem, an extraordinary religious peacebuilder in the Middle East, and Nan Waller Burnett, founding partner and Director of the Family Division of Dispute Resolution Professionals, LLC, a national expert in high conflict family systems, and tri-chair of the ACR Spirituality Section.

This page is a place to collect practice stories of multidimensional practice. Please click on the practitioner to read their case stories. Please add to our knowledge base! If you have practice stories you would like to share, pleas email me using the link at the bottom of the page, and please send a bio, as well, so we keep learning about each other!

Nan Waller Burnett Nan Waller Burnett’s interview

Nan Waller Burnett is a transformative high conflict mediator, psychotherapist; conflict systems design consultant, executive and legal coach and a founding partner in Dispute Resolution Professionals, LLC. She has mediated over 3000 cases and is affiliate faculty at Regis University. Nan authored the award-winning book Calm in the Face of the Storm: Spiritual Daily Practice for the Peacemaker. She has served on the Board of Mediators Beyond Borders International since 2006.

Ilana Meallem Illana Meallem interview

Ilana Meallem is an activist and peacebuilder. She brings activists on all sides together for retreats and activities at the EcoME Centre near Jericho, a home for Ecology and Peace she co-founded in 2010. She is also the founder of the EcoSpirit Middle East Initiative, providing space for deep inner sharing; exploration of nature-based spirituality and leadership. EcoSpirit ME is creating a regional community of spiritually anchored and peer-supported activists who have established deep and truthful relationships, based on trust, respect, acceptance and common vision.

Paula Langguth Ryan Paula Langguth Ryan narratives

As senior partner at Compassionate Mediators, Ryan specializes in severance packages, debt negotiations, transformational mediation skills training, and overcoming conflict avoidance workshops. Her “Ryan’s Rules of Order” hang on walls of businesses and spiritual organizations worldwide. An ordained minister, Ryan founded The Village Gathering, an NGO supporting Kenyans engaged in sustainable conflict resolution strategies.

Carolyn Miller Parr Carolyn Miller Parr Narratives

Carolyn Miller Parr has a passion for peacemaking with families, churches, nonprofits, and businesses. A former judge, she now helps clients resolve problems without going to court. She co-authored husband Jerry’s memoir, “In The Secret Service” (Tyndale). She’s a founding member of Joseph’s House (a hospice for homeless men), Mediators Beyond Borders, and The Servant Leadership School in DC. Writes for Ready Magazine, Faith Happenings, Age in Place, and Redbud Post.