What do Strategic Services have to do with success?

Any group or organization must work together, and think together to provide their services and products successfully and well. However, few groups and organizations plan internal coordination, conflict management, and strategic change into their original development planning.

DSCF0002[1]How does work flow between departments?

How does information flow between those who need it?

How does your organization respond to change?

How do you resolve conflict and manage difference?

Strategic services can help your group or business clarify your vision and mission, build your strategic plan from that clarity so you capitalize on the right opportunities and focus your goals, analyze and improve workflow and information flow so all parts of your organization support those goals, and help you manage change and challenge well.

We will provide a free presentation and estimate for your group of any of the following services:

Vision, Mission, and Strategic Planning

We will meet with your group, present our Vision, Mission, and Strategic Planning process, and discuss how to tailor it to your group’s needs.

Leadership Development

Strategic Services will tailor trainings for your organization or group’s leadership including topics like: process management, getting the best from your team, dealing with difficult conversations, and conflict management.

Managing Difference Well

Difference should be an asset to your organization. Learn how to respect and engage difference and prevent difference from causing miscommunication, conflict, and a loss of productivity. Harness the breadth of outlook, strength, values, knowledge, perspective and capability of your team.

Workflow Analysis

Do you have breakdowns in productivity because departments or teams do not work well together? We can do an analysis of what is hindering your projects.  This can include: systems analysis, information flow, information or service appropriateness, personality conflict, need to improve inter-department coordination, the need for a dispute system designed for your business and other factors.

Workflow Process Development

If you want to change your internal workflow process to improve morale and/or efficiency, we can work with you to design a system that meets your needs.

Mediation and Facilitation

Strategic Services also provides as needed meeting and group process facilitation and management, and interpersonal and inter-group conflict mediation.

Special Topics

Call us to arrange any organizational development, growth, or change related training or consulting.

How can I get more information?
Contact us to discuss any of the services listed above, or for a free consultation.