Dr. Goldberg and Dr. Blancke’s ‘multidimensional’ practice is described in a new book, Faith and Practice in Conflict Resolution: Towards A Multidimensional Approach, Edited by Dr. Goldberg, and published by Kumarian Press, a Division of Lynne Rienner Publishers. To buy the book from the publisher click here.Book_color

This website is designed to work with and support Multidimensional Practice as described in the book. There are places to share of articles, syllabi, resources, case narratives, and have discussions with each other.

Here I describe the book, and at the bottom of the page you can find materials from presentations on these topics.

As the book jacket says: What would the work of conflict resolution look like if practitioners not only recognized that it is impossible for them to be neutral—and that there are dangers in believing otherwise—but also brought their whole selves to the negotiation table? Focusing on this question, the authors of Faith and Practice in Conflict Resolution introduce the work of pathbreaking individuals who have successfully moved beyond the constraints of the objectivist paradigm to tap into the insights that their spiritual roots, their emotions, and even their bodies can contribute. The book presents an important new framework for whole, multidimensional practice, along with concrete techniques for promoting peace.

Multidimensional practice is a term that describes a new framework designed by Rachel M. Goldberg and Brian Blancke. It deliberately engages not just cognitive, but also spiritual, somatic, and emotional intelligences. The goal is to gain insight, as a field, into what the richest, most transformative work in the field contains. The authors believe, based in decades of practice experience, that it comes from wholeness and self-development as much as skills and analysis: in short, the presence, the person, as well as the skill, of the mediator. In Chapter 1, Goldberg notes that “Blancke and I draw on this concept of multiple intelligences to get at the concept of multidimensionality in conflict resolution practice. It is, more than anything, a metaphor for that, as we expect that wholeness and integration of capacities includes things beyond intelligence, however defined. Still, it does help us begin to explore what it would look like to consciously bring more parts of ourselves to bear in our work.”

We recognize that the work of describing and developing integrated, multidimensionally rich, and transformative work must be on-going and intentional. This website is intended to be a place where those of us interested in this kind of work can discuss new ideas, personal challenges, get support, share insights, learn new techniques, gather resources, and hear each other’s narratives.

“Essential reading.… This book presents what master practitioners have long known, but too rarely acknowledged in writing—that religious and spiritual approaches can support conflict resolution. Equally important, it goes on to explain how.” —Susan Allen, George Mason University


• Faith and Multidimensional Practice in Conflict Resolution —R.M. Goldberg

• A Possible Framework for Multidimensional Practice —R.M. Goldberg and B. Blancke

• The Buddha’s Teachings on the Personal Qualities of a Conflict Resolver —G.D. Bowling

• Christians as Conflict Engagement Practitioners —M.B. Sipes

• Developing Embodied Awareness and Action in Conflict Resolution —J. Morelli and C. Fitz

• Staying with Emotions in Practice: Opening a Space In-Between —J. Meeker • Supporting Creative, Whole Peacebuilders: An Apprenticeship Program —J.P. Lederach, R.M. Goldberg, Y. Abeledo, K. Mansfield, L. Taylor, M.L. Zapata, and M. Leguro

• The Inner Spirit of Peacemaking: A New Training Imperative —L. Diamond

• Concluding Reflections—B. Blancke

Goldberg and Blancke have also published and presented on this topic in other places. Below are links to their presentations and handouts from the last three years, and then a description of the goals of the book from the introduction.

Their presentation from the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) conference, 2011 summarized Goldberg’s research and presented a new framework for multidimensional practice.

For a pdf of the PowerPoint, click here: (ACR2011.pdf)

Their presentation at ACR 2012 built on the work presented in 2011 to share tools and techniques from our practice and other disciplines that could be used in conflict transformation work to support multidimensional practice.

For a pdf of the PowerPoint, click here: (ACR2012.pdf}

For a copy of the handouts, click here: (ACR12Handout.pdf)

Dr. Goldberg brought together five practitioner authors from the book in a panel presentation at ACR 2013. The handout combines a summary of the goals of the book, a brief summary of the research, the ‘framework for multidimensional work’, developed by Goldberg and Blancke, and bios of the presenters, their beliefs on the importance of the work, and brief descriptions of their chapters.

For a copy of the handout, click here: (ACR2013.pdf)

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